Connecting Lori with Clients:

Comments and Results

Leadership Coaching and Advisory

“(Name of client) is a changed person. He has a much more effective leadership style, is easier to work with, and commands a much higher level of credibility.”
“Lori, you genuinely have great ideas and ways to approach people issues... I believe your rich life experience and work experience provides you with a bevy of great ideas and sage advice... Getting my boss’s boss to say he has never felt more connected or energized/impressed with his interactions with me was the true measure of our work together. I also appreciated you working through the strengths and teamwork assessment model with my group; it will set us on the right direction for the new year.”
“Of the three coaches I’ve had in my career, Lori was by far the best. She concentrated on achieving tangible, focused results. No airy/fairy type reflection.”
“Initially I was skeptical of executive coaching...Through the coaching work I have done with Lori Ogden Moore I have a new understanding of my own personal style and how I am perceived by others; what works and what doesn’t and then making those changes accordingly.”

Innovation and Collaboration Consulting

“Thank you for taking the time to teach us about coaching and facilitation. Your mastery of the material came through with a breezy style of presentation. Like many, I thought about how this would work in my personal life as well as my professional.”
“The most important things I learned during these two days were effective skills for coaching and collaboration and time to practice them.”
“We learned how to truly be a team, not just a group of smart people.”

Career Development

“She has an excellent interpersonal style; she creates both a comfortable atmosphere for open dialogue, but can also be firm about encouraging her clients to confront obstacles or issues that are preventing them from improving performance. I have already recommended her to others.”
“I’ve experienced much business and personal growth over the past year and wanted to thank you for your support. The greatest gift was giving me permission to be myself! Thank you!”
“I would strongly recommend Lori; in fact, I already have. She is an active listener, who integrates an effective mix of pragmatism, situation analysis, humor and empathy into her coaching.”