Career Development

Connecting Individuals with their Life’s Work

Career Counseling: Lori’s proprietary midlife career-change program is based on in-depth assessment of the client’s strengths, values and passions... visualization of his or her future... creative experiments to learn about new fields... and learning to tell one’s own story in a resume, at a cocktail party, or in an interview.

Work/Life Balance: As the mother of three, Lori has first-hand experience working full-time, part-time, stopping out, and creating her own company. She appreciates the relative merits of various choices, and while there are no easy solutions, she can help you clarify your path. Lori combines research, exercises and personal insight to help you create more mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resilience and capacity for the journey. (read an interview with Lori)


  • Successful mid-life professionals looking for more congruence between who they are and what they do
  • People seeking to improve their quotient of success and satisfaction
  • Parents seeking to balance and sequence work and family
“She has an excellent interpersonal style; she creates both a comfortable atmosphere for open dialogue, but can also be firm about encouraging her clients to confront obstacles or issues that are preventing them from improving performance. I have already recommended her to others.”
“I’ve experienced much business and personal growth over the past year and wanted to thank you for your support. The greatest gift was giving me permission to be myself! Thank you!”