Lori Ogden Moore

Connective Leadership

Lori Ogden Moore specializes in organizational transformation, leadership advising and career counseling. She combines twenty years of corporate experience in marketing and communications with strategic insight, adult learning models, coaching and facilitation techniques. Lori’s clients learn to leverage their strengths and realize more of their potential to create impactful change in their personal lives, at work and in the world.

Organizational Transformation: Lori’s experience and training in team facilitation, combined with her background in communication, strategy and change management, serve to help complex public, private and non-profit entities envision new future states-and determine the organizational pathways to achieve innovation and transformation.

Leadership Advising/ Coaching: Clients receive in-depth feedback from which a customized leadership learning program is designed. Clients identify their future vision and strategy, improve their personal presentation and influence, and enhance their communication effectiveness to improve business results.

Career Counseling: Lori’s proprietary midlife career-change program is based on in-depth assessment of the client’s strengths, values and passions... visualization of their future... creative experiments to learn about new fields... and learning to tell one’s own story in a resume, at a cocktail party, or in an interview.

Lori has worked with senior leaders in technology, marketing, venture capital, healthcare, and banking. She has also done ongoing leadership and innovation work with the U.S. Army, U.S. intelligence, national politicians and entrepreneurs. In addition to independent work, she has partnered with Corporate Edge, The Center for Leadership Renewal, and Kao & Company.

Lori Ogden Moore

She is on the Stanford Graduate School of Business roster of recommended coaches as well as that of the Yale School of Management. Lori is a sought after speaker and workshop leader.

As a former corporate executive in marketing, Lori knows the importance of tangible results. Prior to becoming a leadership consultant, Lori had two decades of experience in marketing, strategic positioning, and creative brand building. She worked with American Express, Aetna, Showtime Networks/Viacom, General Foods, Neutrogena, Bank of America, and Ogilvy & Mather. Her corporate career culminated with six years on the senior management team of Working Assets, a socially responsible business listed in the Inc. 500 for being among the fastest growing, privately held companies in the country for five of her six years.

Lori has a Leadership Coaching Certificate from Georgetown University and has attained the designation of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation. She has an AB from Stanford University and an MPPM/MBA from Yale University. She is also a qualified provider of Myers Briggs and was trained at The Grove in facilitating high performing teams. Lori is certified in The Leadership Circle Profile and Culture Survey. She lives with her family in San Francisco, CA.

Reach her at or 415.609.2229.

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